【DSE Econ】Distribution of tax and subsidy常見題型答題技巧 | 答題flow + 例題【懶人包】 

distribution of tax and subsidy dse

Distribution of tax and subsidy DSE 答題技巧

做Econ past paper時遇到distribution of tax and subsidy的題目經常無從入手?




今天學博小編為大家整理了DSE常見的distribution of tax and subsidy題型,還會附上相應的答題flow及例題,希望能幫助到大家。


-The condition is that the elasticity of demand/supply is greater/smaller than the elasticity of demand/supply.




-Demand/supply is more elastic/inelastic than demand/supply.

Point to note

唔可以寫demand/supply is elastic/inelastic,一定要有個比較意識。



The European Union has imposed an anti-dumping tariff on the Chinese produced solar panels.


Under what condition will the producers bear a greater tariff burden than the buyers? Illustrate your answer with a supply-demand diagram.                                  (7 marks)

Marking scheme

Condition: demand for solar panels is more elastic than its supply. (2)

distribution of tax and subsidy dse

Indicate in the diagram:

-upward shift of the supply curve (1)

-P increases (1)

-Q decreases (1)

-correct position of buyers’ burden and producers’ burden (1)

-buyers’ burden<producers’ burden (1)


The government of Country X introduces a per-unit subsidy to the education services of private universities.


Under what condition would the students enjoy a larger share of subsidy benefit than the private universities? Illustrate your answer with the aid of Figure 3.

                                                                                                                       (7 marks)

distribution of tax and subsidy dse

Marking scheme

The condition is that the elasticity of demand for education services is lower than the elasticity of supply. (2)

distribution of tax and subsidy dse

Indicate in the diagram:

-parallel downward shift of supply curve due to the per unit subsidy (1)

-correct position of new price (P1) (1)

-correct position of new quantity (Q1) (1)

-correct position of producer benefit and consumer benefit (1)

-consumer benefit>producer benefit (1)

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