【DSE Econ】Positive statements & normative statements常見題型答題技巧 | 答題flow + 例題【懶人包】

Positive statements normative statements dse

Positive statements & normative statements DSE 題型技巧

做Econ past paper時遇到positive statements & normative statements的題目經常無從入手?




今天學博小編為大家整理了DSE常見的positive statements & normative statements題型,還會附上相應的答題flow及例題,希望能幫助到大家。


If positive statement

-refutable by fact.


If normative statement

-valued judgment is involved in the statement.


Li Ka Shing Foundation offered an unconditional cash gift of $5000 to each 2018 HKDSE candidate living in Yuen Long, Yuen Mun and Islands districts under the project ‘Decide Well, Spend Wisely’.

Statement A:  The project can improve the public examination results of candidates in those districts.

Statement B:  The project can improve equity in Hong Kong.

(a) Explain whether Statement A is a positive statement.                              (2 marks)

Marking scheme

Statement A is a positive statement because it is refutable by fact. (2)

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