【DSE Econ】Relative price常見題型答題技巧 | 答題flow + 例題【懶人包】

relative price dse

Relative price DSE 答題技巧

做Econ past paper時遇到relative price的題目經常無從入手?




今天學博小編為大家整理了DSE常見的relative price題型,還會附上相應的答題flow及例題,希望能幫助到大家。


-When a fixed cost is added to both high-quality _____ and low-quality _____, the relative price of high-quality _____ will decrease, relatively more high-quality _____ will thus be consumed.

-Proportion of high-quality _____ will increase.

-The average quality of _____ will improve/increase.




Refer to the following taxi fare arrangement.

Original fare (whole day)

First 2 kilometers                           $30

Every subsequent 200 meters      $2


Suppose a late-night surcharge of $20 will be added to the original fare on any taxi trips from 1:00 am to 5:59 am. How will this surcharge affect the average travel distance of taxi passengers during late-night? Explain.                                 (4 marks)

Marking scheme

When a fixed lump-sum charge is added on a good, the relative price of the long-distance trips will decrease but the relative price of the short-distance trips will increase. The quantity demanded of long-distance trips will relatively increase while that of short-distance trips will relatively decrease, so the proportion of long-distance trips will increase. The average distance traveled increases. (4)

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