【DSE Econ】Free goods & Economic goods常見題型答題技巧 | 答題flow + 例題【懶人包】

Free goods Economic goods dse

Free goods & Economic goods DSE 答題技巧

做Econ past paper時遇到free goods and economic goods的題目經常無從入手?




今天學博小編為大家整理了DSE常見的free goods and economic goods題型,還會附上相應的答題flow及例題,希望能幫助到大家。


If free good (not economic good)

-More of _____ is not preferred/its quantity available is sufficient to satisfy all human wants. No one is willing to pay a price/give up resources for getting more free goods.


If economic good (not free good)

-The good is produced from scare resources which have alternative uses.

-More of the good is preferred/its quantity available is insufficient to satisfy all human wants.



More and more famous universities offer ‘’massive open online courses’’ (MOOC) to students from various backgrounds for systematic learning.


Most of the teaching materials in MOOC can be accessed online by anyone free of charge. Explain whether these materials are free goods.                              (2 marks)

Marking scheme

No, because (1)

it has positive marginal cost of production. (1)




it is produced from scarce resources, which have alternative goods. (1)


A free good must be free of charge. Do you agree? Explain your answer.      (3 marks)

Marking scheme

Yes. As the quantity available of free good is able to satisfy all human wants. No one is willing to pay a price to obtain it. (3)

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